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Design Options & Pricing

Your design goals are my goals.  You select the option that fits your needs and budget.

Remodeling Project:  When you're ready to completely update your spaces involving structural changes (adding a room, taking down or installing a wall, changing the layout of a kitchen or bathroom, etc.), this is the plan for you.  A typical project retainer is $2400.00, but can vary based on size and scope.  This provides 20 hours of design services as described in my 5-Step Design Process below.  The hourly fee for services that extend beyond the hours provided by the retainer fee is $130, with a complimentary hour for every additional 12 hours purchased. Unutilized design hours are refundable.

General Design Consultation:  Sometimes you just want design advice and selections for your project.  Decisions for backsplash tile, paint color, furniture, and lighting are some of the many details that make the difference between a home that's perfect for you versus fine for anyone.  You'll receive a design plan with specific resources that enables you to complete your project as your schedule and budget allow.  Design consultation requires a minimum of 4 hours, at the rate of $130/hour, with a complimentary hour given for every 12 hours purchased.  Unutilized design hours beyond the initial 4 hours are refundable.  

Two-Hour Accessibility Consultation:  There's more to making your home accessible and safe for yourself, your loved ones, and visitors than just following general accessibility standards.  With 20 years of nursing experience, I can help you create a home that's tailor-made to specific needs, whether that's managing physical disabilities or addressing sensory impairments.  Accessibility consultation is provided at the rate of $130/hour.  Unutilized design hours beyond the initial 2 hours are refundable.  


Design Discounts:  As a designer, I receive many trade discounts that are unavailable to the public.  I share these discounts with you.  However, if there are situations where memberships or coupons can save you more money, I always pass that opportunity to you.  Military veterans, first responders, and educators receive a 5% discount on design hours.  

5-Step Design Process

Step 1:  Introduction

We begin by scheduling a complimentary 20-30 minute phone call to discuss your project, what you'd like to accomplish, and what you can expect as you make your project dream a reality.


Step 2:  Agreement & Information

Based on our conversation, I create and send a design services agreement that describes the scope of your project and what we'll accomplish. After you sign and return it with your payment, by mail or electronically, you complete and return a design questionnaire that clarifies your design preferences.


Step 3:  Initial Meeting

I bring options of materials specifically procured for your project to your home.  We discuss and imagine what your space could be and make sure it makes sense for your design goals and budget.  If needed, I measure the space and explore additional material options.

Step 4:  Inspiration

Using the most updated information about designs, materials, and products, I create your design plan. Remodeling projects include 3-D perspectives and floor plans.  This lets you actually see what your new space could look like so you can make the best decision about what's right for your project. 

Step 5:  Implementation

After we meet and review your design options, we finalize the design for your new, improved space. We order the components that bring your project to life, like tile, cabinets, flooring, paint, lighting, and countertops.  I coordinate completion with everyone involved to keep your project on track and amazing.

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