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My path to being an interior designer began when I was twelve, when I took old boards and bricks from our tool shed to create “custom shelves” in my bedroom.  I was also that kid who loved looking at the interior of other homes not to see what the occupants were doing, but to see how they had arranged their furniture and what it looked like.  Not realizing my passion for interiors could be a career, I earned a nursing degree and spent the next twenty years in the Navy.  During this time, I spent most of my free hours poring over interior design magazines; redesigning places I lived with fabric, paint, and wallpaper; and helping others create their dream homes.  A Navy career, marriage, and three children later, I finally realized my dream to become a “real” interior designer and graduated from a National Kitchen and Bath Association accredited program with a degree in interior design.  And yes, I love what I do!

I do interior design for people who want to love their home.  Whether we’re refreshing one room, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or completing an entire home renovation, my greatest satisfaction happens when your home functions, looks, and feels even better than you originally envisioned.  I also believe in optimizing homes for everyone.  If you have living and aging-in-place goals, multi-generational family needs, physical challenges, life-impacting health conditions, or just want your home to be welcoming and accessible to everyone, I capitalize on my twenty years of nursing experience to create designs that meet your current and future life needs. 

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