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When To Turn Your Tub Into A Shower

There’s been a notable trend among homeowners to transform the unused tubs in their master bathrooms into luxurious showers. This shift reflects a growing desire for convenience, relaxation, and modern functionality in bathroom design.  But how do you know if it’s really ok to not have a tub in the master bathroom?  Here’s three questions to ask yourself before you decide to tub or not to tub.

1.      When is the last time you used the tub to bathe?  Sure, we’ve all been guilty of putting the drying rack in the tub, or using it as a catch-all for clothes and extra toilet paper.  But if it’s held more dust than water in the past 6 months, and no one (including the family pet) can recall using it to get clean lately, it’s safe to say you could use that space for something else.

2.      Do you get frustrated in your current shower?  If you have to watch how far you extend your elbows when you wash your hair, or risk getting either a concussion or rear injury when you bend over to retrieve dropped soap, you’ve probably given meaningful looks at all the unused space your empty tub offers.

3.      Are there other tubs in your house, and if there aren’t, do you really need one?  A single-family home with multiple bathrooms might benefit from having a tub for cleaning younger kids (and pets) for traditional re-sale purposes, but homes don’t necessarily need them.  Showers can be designed with safety features such as grab bars, seats and non-slip flooring, making them suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. 

If you’re still not sure if you should convert your tub into a shower, consider which would look best in your master bathroom.  Spaces without many windows often benefit from the beautiful focal point a walk-in shower with decorative tile provides, while a tub in front of bay windows may look more luxurious.  A skilled interior designer can help you explore your options and create 3-D images of your bathroom that let you see the possibilities and finally determine if it’s time to turn your tub into a shower. 

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Laurel Snow
Laurel Snow
Jul 02

This is very insightful! I have been thinking of turning our tub into a shower recently and came across your blog while doing some online digging. I will definitely be turning our tub into a shower.

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