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  • Fawn Baranko

Of Quartz We Love Quartz Countertops!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

There are lots of great choices for countertops: Granite, Marble, Concrete, Solid Surface. My favorite, without a doubt, is Quartz. Quartz is the easy-going, fashion forward, champion of the kitchen and bathroom. I’m not opposed to other surfaces, but they have particular issues I prefer to avoid. Granite, concrete and marble are porous surfaces that require special cleaning techniques and often need to be sealed every year. Unlike other surfaces that can chip, stain, burn, or etch, quartz is nearly indestructible. If it ever does get damaged, the fact that it’s made with a consistent “recipe” of about 95% ground natural stone and 5% polymer resins makes repairs easy to disguise, unlike other surface types which will always show a repair spot. Solid surfaces (think Corian) can be easily repaired, but they easily scratch and burn. Quartz saves my sanity like a countertop superhero.

Once you’ve decided to live the easy life with maintenance-free, durable quartz, you get to tackle the other choices that make it my preferred countertop: The many beautiful, almost endless design and color options. Want to release your inner industrialist with a concrete look? Caesarstone excels at making it look like you could have added your handprint to your counter. Prefer the drama of a midnight sky filled with stars? Menai by Cambria will have you looking for constellations. Like the marble look but don’t want the hefty price tag or the panic that ensues when orange juice or red wine spills on it? MSI’s Carrara Morro is an enduring favorite.

The light reflecting option you select is as important as the color. Sparkly aggregates create energetic light plays across the surface. Lighter colors reflect more light. The most noticeable impact comes from the finish. Polished finishes showcase the glossy side of quartz, with maximum light-reflecting potential. It demands attention like a big diamond ring, and is a great counterpoint to non-glossy cabinets. Unpolished finishes present a softer side and complement styles with a more relaxed or contemporary vibe. Every countertop company has their own name for this, including honed, matte, natural, and leathered. Persons with vision impairments prefer this finish, as shiny surface reflections can create glare, distortion, and discomfort. No matter which finish you choose, be mindful of the mixture of shine in your space. It’s generally acceptable to pair matte cabinets with either finish, but be warned that shiny countertops with glossy cabinets risk a mirrored funhouse effect usually not seen outside carnivals.

Need help selecting the perfect countertop? Contact me with any questions. Select quartz for your countertop needs and you too will say, “Of quartz I love quartz countertops!” (Full disclosure: I may be the only interior designer who uses “quartz” instead of “course” in this instance, but as the daughter of a geologist, I think it’s a rock-solid phrase).


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