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  • Fawn Baranko

It's Kitchen & Bath Month!

October isn’t just the month we get to shamelessly take candy from people we hardly know and watch the leaves fall. It’s also National Kitchen and Bath month, a perfect time to revitalize and refresh the spaces that work the hardest for us. If your kitchen or bathroom isn’t the dream space you’ve imagined but you don’t need or want a complete remodel, make a big impact with little adjustments. Here’s four top ideas to help you celebrate this month properly.

1. Update or add backsplash tile. Just like you wouldn’t leave the house naked (hopefully), you shouldn’t leave the backsplash areas without cover. Not only does this protect the wall from getting wet or stained, it’s an excellent opportunity to create a look you like. For example, a previous client disliked the gloomy look of her kitchen, which had black granite countertops, medium brown maple cabinets, pewter spiral shaped pulls, and beige and brown tiles. The most impactful and cost- effective option was to change the backsplash to a white marble mosaic tile that connected the existing color and shape elements. This single improvement brightened and transformed into something she now likes.

2. Improve lighting. Living with the wrong lighting causes sensory discomfort, but it’s especially frustrating and unsafe in kitchens and bathrooms where we need specific tasks to occur. Ever overcooked something because the lighting was dim, or realized too late the make-up you applied looks like you’re ready for a night on the town at 9 am? Fix your visual problems with a variety of lighting types. Correct overall inadequate lighting with recessed lights on dimmers. Install task lights where you do focused work like cooking or applying makeup. Use accent lights like attractive lamps to add overall ambience and décor pizzaz.

3. Make it easier to clean. The places that work the hardest also get the dirtiest and germiest. If you’re making new selections, choose products that make cleaning easy like self-cleaning appliances; solid surface and quartz countertops; flat front cabinets without decorative grooves; and large format tile that doesn’t require much grout. Otherwise, maximize what you have. Apply a product like Rain X to your glass shower door to prevent streaks and grimy buildup. Cover your walls and cabinets with scrubbable paint. Apply sealant to your marble and granite every 12 months.

4. Add organizational aids. Search “organizers for cabinets” and revel in the opportunities to make your hardest working spaces work better. I especially like the website for the variety of brands and products they offer. My favorite additions are pull-out organizers. The joy of not having to search the dark recesses of cabinet shelves like an archeological dig cannot be overstated. Install recessed medicine cabinets and find frequently used products at eye level. Put shelves on the wall over your toilet for nearby storage of necessities.

Contact me for help with any of these ideas and more ways to celebrate Kitchen and Bath Month!


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