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  • Fawn Baranko

Bringing Home Hotel Style: The Ultimate Souvenir

If one of your favorite vacation memories was your perfectly cozy room that made you feel perfectly relaxed or if you’ve ever spent time in a hotel lobby because the décor was that awesome you’ve probably wished you could recreate these beautifully crafted spaces in your own home.  And you can!  One of my favorite projects as an interior designer is helping clients create spaces that remind them of favorite vacations.  Besides being way cooler than a souvenir t-shirt, incorporating hotel style in your home keeps the vacation vibes going and the happy associations flowing.  Keep reading and learn how to make it happen.

First, choose your favorite hotel inspiration. Several hotels may be on your favorites list, but choose The One that best captures the look and feel you most want to replicate. Torn between equally amazing options?  Go with the one that has the happiest vacation memories for a subconscious positive power boost to your décor.  

Second, select the key elements that appeal to you.  Do you find yourself drawn to the mix of colors, the different textures, or the overall style of furniture?  Do the art pieces, lighting, or decorative accents grab your attention most?  Or are you coveting the more fixed elements like decorative crown molding, wallpaper, and tile?  Small elements contribute to the overall ambiance, so notice if that wallpaper you like has raised parts, if that perfect tile shimmers, and how the linens and pillows are arranged on that amazing bed.

Third, find what you need to create that hotel look.  Of course as your interior design guru I recommend hiring me to bring your vision to life. But if you like to do things yourself here’s some tips that will help.  Use Google image search (click the colorful camera on the Google search bar and insert a photo of a specific element) to find what you want.  Even if you don’t find the exact version of what you saw in the hotel, you’ll still get similar options at different price points that will likely be just as good.  Visit a local furniture or tile store that offers free design services and share your photos and plan with them.  Make sure you bring measurements of the space you want to transform.  Research the renovation history of the hotel.  Articles often give you names of products used and even a point of contact for questions.  Let the hotel manager know how much you like the décor, and see what information they can provide.  After all, behind every beautiful hotel space is a brilliant interior designer and design team.

Recreating your favorite hotel-inspired look may be the coolest souvenir you can bring home.  Include personal touches such as favorite books, photographs, or artwork that make the space uniquely yours.  Then relax in your transformed home and enjoy those vacation vibes.


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