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Every kitchen tells a story of form, function, and style.

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen


Chic And Sophisticated

This modern kitchen features laminate flat front cabinets with soft-touch doors and drawers, eliminating visible hardware.  Its ultra chic look is further achieved with slim countertops, a soft gray and white palette, and plenty of light-reflecting surfaces.  Pops of orange add intensity to an otherwise quiet interior.  Unique, oversized pendant lights add interest.

White Kitchen


Open & Elegant

A coffered ceiling and oversized molding gives elegance to this open concept kitchen.  Glass paneled upper cabinet doors lighten the space.  A soothing, neutral backdrop of matching color walls, cabinets, and backsplash emphasizes beautiful natural wood accents.  An apron front sink and flush inset refrigerator amplify the sleek style.

Beautiful living room with hardwood floo


Bold & Minimalist

A stunning black backsplash boldly energizes a contemporary white kitchen.  Large black pendant lights and minimalist black stools provide color continuity and style.  Thoughtfully selected stainless steel appliances with black accents complete the cohesive picture.

Minimalistic Kitchen


Polished & Raw

This kitchen balances the raw look of industrial grit with the polished finesse of contemporary lines.  A distressed ceiling runs counterpoint to a polished floor. A pop of aqua enlivens a geometrically intriguing island, while a natural wood bookcase echoes those same lines.  Oversized crackled orbs opposite black window frames soften the overall hip vibe.

Modern Kitchen

Ready to transform your kitchen?  Contact me today to see what I can do for you.

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